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Best Walking Stilts for Kids and Adults – Buyer’s Guide

People have been walking on stilts all over the world for thousands of years. Now it is 2024 and it is about time to turn all those years of perfection into a lot of family FUN!

Which walking stilts do we buy? Having so many choices available, it can be difficult to select the best stilts for our kids. Let´s take a look at the options for the walking stilts for sale, their benefits, and downsides.

Let´s start by talking about ages for our children to start having fun on stilts.

Best Stilts For kids - Reviews for 2024

Walking stilts for 3-6 years old: There are three outstanding brands offering a product that will accommodate our younger ones. I strongly recommend walking stilts for kids to improve natural balance and stability from a younger age. They will learn how to walk on stilts day by day.

1. Walkaroo Steel Stilts by Air Kicks with Ergonomic Design for Easy Balance Walking

Best Stilts For kids - Reviews

​Feature Highlights:

  • E-Z Walk Handle design
  • Made of rugged tubular steel
  • Product Dimensions is 7.8 x 3.5 x 30 in
  • Recommended for Ages 4 & Up.
  • Great for improving balance and coordination
  • Main blue color
  • The height and weight range are for 115 lb, 5'5 person
  • 8.6 pounds

One of them is Walkaroo by Air Kicks, with their model called the WEE Balance Stilts that is specifically designed and engineered for the youngest. They are made of steel in a rugged and tubular shape. They also stand on fat rubber bottoms that won’t mark your floor, allowing the use indoor and outdoor and also improve stability, balance and coordination. These stilts are specially engineered for children can be adjusted to fit them until they are ready for the Standard Walkaroo Stilts.

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​Feature Highlights:

  • For Ages 5 & Up
  • The footrest height is adjustable from 12 ½” to 17 ¼”
  • Up to 190 Pounds
  • Full length of the Stilts is 45”
  • Good for smaller kids too
  • Extra Wide Non-Slip Footrests and Wide Traction Tips

Another one is Flybar with its model called Maverick Walking Stilts for Kids; you won’t believe it is made out of metal given the extremely light weight and with the super big and wide footrests with an anti-slip treatment for safety and huge traction-tips, broader than any other recreational stilts available today.

Making for a more stable experience indoors as well as outdoors. These stilts are easily adjustable to achieve the best possible fit and you can do it in no time to accommodate your growing child reaching a maximum height of 45 inches.

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​Feature Highlights:

  • For ages 5 and up
  • Soft grip handles
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Product Dimensions: 39 x 7 x 5 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 5.6 pounds
  • Size: up to 110 lbs.

Lastly, we have the Alex Ready, Set, Stilts that come with a really cool feature: removable training feet that will aid your children in learning how to balance their body before their first steps on their own on stilts. The only thing to be done is replacing the trainer feet with no slip lids. I strongly recommend these stilts for beginners; they can even be used along with the previous two. They are cheap walking stilts

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Walking stilts for 6-10 years old: This is the most demanded section of the market and is flooded with great choices by outstanding companies; making a decision for the best stilts for kids is a tough one here.

​Feature Highlights:

  • up to maximum weight of 220 Lbs (100 Kg)
  • age 6 to adult
  • a height of 54 to 78 inches (4½ to 6½ feet) tall
  • Color = Assorted Red or Blue
  • Made of rugged tubular steel
  • Bottoms have large rubber non-marking feet

We mentioned Walkaroo before and they offer two models that have outstanding features; one is the Original Walkaroo Steel Stilts, made of steel in a rugged, tubular way. The usual huge rubber bottoms that won’t mark your floor and will give you extreme stability indoors and outdoors. This all-time-classic also offers the Xtesionz 4-piece set featuring springy and conventional extensions adding more vert, more bounce and more FUN.

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​Feature Highlights:

  • up to 210 Lbs.
  • For advanced stilt-walkers aged 6 years
  • Large rubber foot on the bottom
  • Minimum height: 4' tall (48 inches, or 122 cm in height).
  • Maximum height: 6' 6" tall (78 inches, or 198 cm in height).
  • Package Dimensions: 37.5” x 7.75” x 3.5”
  • Shipping Weight: 8.2 pounds
  • Can be adjusted from 12” to 17” off the ground

The EXTREME version of this Walkaroo-classic offers an additional 5 inches off the ground when you fasten the provided VERT LIFTERS giving expert stilt walkers the opportunity of hiking even higher! The extensions can be adjusted to deliver up to 17 inches off the ground. These have an incredible sale price on Amazon

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​Feature Highlights:

  • For ages 6 and up
  • balanced steel construction
  • Super Fun Adjustable Stilts
  • Size: Stilts adjust from 56-1/2" to 66"H.
  • Adjustable legs
  • Non-skid footrest with traction rubber tips

The Super Fun Adjustable Stilts have great construction, made of stable steel, offering a pair of ninety-degree shoulder supports and adaptable legs that go from 56 ½ inches to 66 inches. Other cool features are the nonskid footstools and the grip rubber ends for more safety. Due to their construction and their fully-adjustable design they will grow with your child because they are built to last. These great tough and adaptable stilts for children are on sale on the market.

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Walking stilts for 10 years old & up: Another very complex and varied branch on the walking stilts for children market where we found several great companies with terrific walking stilts for sale for those who want a little more adventure and have some experience walking on stilts. Let’s take a look at two great options available:

​Feature Highlights:

  • For Ages 10 & Up
  • Up to 200 Lbs
  • 5 adjustable heights from 12.5” – 17” off the ground.
  • Master Stilts is 72” long.
  • Can accommodate anyone from 4 to 6’. 5”
  • Great fun for the whole family

Flybar Master Walking Stilts (Large) are a great option with 5 adaptable heights from 12.5 inches to 17 inches off the ground. They reach up to an incredible full length of 72 inches long, armed with big and fat non-slip supports and sturdy grip ends, fatter than any entertaining stilt in the market; they also feature extra wide footstools for maximum firmness and a great deal of comfort. Another remarkable aspect is that they come with holds and shoulder rests made of awesome soft identical foam design for you to fall in love with. They are currently on sale on Amazon.

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​Feature Highlights:

  • Standard stilts for eight to eleven years or up to 56 inches tall
  • Blue, Red, Green or Silver
  • Product Dimensions 43.1 x 5.2 x 4.3 inches
  • Item Weight 3.8 pounds
  • Also available in Junior (13") and Advanced (17") Sizes
  • Step height of 15 inches & supports up to 155 pounds

Hijax Standard Size Silts for Active Kids are a superb American-made option for truly active and restless kids. They are made of aircraft-grade aluminum and ABS plastic and step off the ground at the height of 15 inches. They are really easy to use with a pair of handles as high as the hips in exchange of the piece under the armpits where and allow additional flexibility for children to get active and run, race, jump or even dance. Walking stilts for children have never been this fun before. If your kids feel overall athletic and enthusiastic for outdoor fitness experiences, these walking stilts for sale on the market.

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Well, the above covers the options on every range of age that the market offers for children as well as adults. However, let’s be honest, the best stilts for kids have to definitely look after their body as they are being used. That is why we are going to review some items regarding the ergonomic design behind each brand we just covered to keep your children safe, healthy and entertained.

Walkaroo – The Walkaroo stilts for children have a revolutionary design in which the traditional stilts that were just straight sticks with platforms attached to the side for each foot are taken a step up. The ends of the poles used to rest uneasily behind the shoulders, obliging the user to fall forward and obstructing balance, but not Walkaroos! In these innovative and cheap stilts, a S-bend which wraps very comfortably around the back of the shoulders.

Yet another innovation is an extra curvature at the foot stand (about 10 inches above the ground) that hold your children weight straight over the lower stick for vastly better control. One more thing to be said about Walkaroos is that they have big rubber non-marking ends for max steadiness, and improved equilibrium and direction.

Flybar – These walking stilts for sale feature beautifully yet ergonomically correct designed hand commands as well as shoulder rests. The padded hand grasps make for a superbly comfortable riding experience while ensuring the correct position of the back since they make sure you are standing up straight. These innovative and good looking stilts for children are precisely manufactured under strict regulations to achieve maximum ergonomic comfort.

They feature secure hand grasps and big, fat rubber ends that provide stable maneuverability. The big non-slip footstools and sturdy traction ends are broader than any other entertaining stilt in the marketplace; providing a delightful and safe experience. The Flybar stilts have extra extensive footrests for maximum steadiness and comfort, not to mention that they look great too.

Super Fun – These adjustable walking stilts for kids feature ninety-degree rectilinear shoulder supports, adjustable legs made of steel, a pair of very robust traction rubber ends and nonskid footstools. Besides all these great ergonomic features, these stilts are very accurate when being adjusted and can accommodate children different ages, giving them the possibility to grow up with the same set of stilts. The unique blend of durability, accuracy when being adjusted and robust ergonomically-friendly construction will make these stilts a great long-term investment that will be next to your family and children for many years. As they get more used to it, the ergonomic design will be more familiar and comfortable for them.

Hijax – These stilts, designed ideally for active kids, have a very innovative design, perhaps the most daring of them all. The great idea the Hijax Company had was to remove the shoulder rests replacing them with handles at the height of the hip, ergonomically correct, to avoid the back of your children to be bent down and also allowing them to move freely with the stilts and making moves such as dancing, jumping or racing. This is innovation works great for restless children and for parents that encourage them to take on physical activities outdoors. Brilliant and revolutionary ergonomically correct design for active children.


Nowadays, screens are taking up all the attention our children have and it is very important to encourage them to take on outdoor activities, especially those that can be shared by the whole family. Physical activity is a great way to avoid overweight. With that in mind and with all these great options to accommodate every child, you should seriously consider taking advantage of these incredible sale prices. Please remember that Pogo stick and jumping stilts are totally different than walking stilts

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