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8 Scientifically Proven Slackline Health Benefits

benefits of slackline

Slackline health benefits

Slacklining is not just a form of outdoor fun and relaxing activity. Just like any other sport, the activity has significant positive health advantages. Balancing, walking and doing all manner of tricks hold a lot of benefits, both physical and mental.

Below, we discuss the main slackline benefits;

Helps to Improve Balance and Development Muscles

Just about every activity we undertaking whether it’s standing, walking, or running requires stamina. A study conducted in two primary schools where the kids were exposed to slackline concluded that the student improved their balance and muscle development. So it is certain that continued slacklining will help you to gain stamina for day to day task. It gets better if you engage in other sports.

Helps to Boost Core Strength

Another slackline benefit worth mentioning is that it has a positive impact on your core strength. By core strength, we mean the physical strength. Slacklining is a strenuous activity that forces you to master all your bodily strength. When starting out, you’ll note that it hardens your abdominal and leg muscles such that they may feel sore the next day. It gets intense when you decide to undertake the advanced and extreme stances. It can be an excellent alternative to the sit-ups and crunches.

Improves Your Posture

Times have changed, and now with advanced in technology, we have to sit down for the better part of the glued to the computer. Now that poses many risks to your health and general wellbeing. It's common to develop musculoskeletal and posture problems, back problems which if not addressed early may affect your posture. Try slackline today and break away from sitting all day and you’ll note a remarkable improvement as you interact with your computer.

Relieves Stress and Anxiety

Benefits of slackline are yet to come to an end. Exercise is good and comes with endless health benefits. It helps to improve your physical condition and even fight a disease. Slacklining is an enjoyable activity that is fun and is a great alternative or even better than other physical exercises.

When you engage in physical exercise, your body produces endorphins- a chemical that acts a natural painkiller. It also induces you into sleeping which in turn lowers down your stress levels. Get all the details on how physical exercise, especially from slacklining, can help to fight stress and anxiety here.

Helps to Fight Depression

In the US, approximately 15 million or 6.7 percent of the people 18 years and above experience depression every year. Although you deal with depression from all angles including taking medication, physical exercises can be really helpful. Meditation is an excellent way to lower depression level. However, you can choose to slackline that does not have to confine you to sitting alone in your room and it will come down.

Boosts Your Coordination and Focus

Meditation requires a lot of mental focus, and it has been proven to alter the brain function. There have been discussions concerning our shrinking attention spans. And with improved mental focus comes a boost in cognitive performance. Slackline gifts you similar benefits as it demands attention to detail especially during the first attempts. It will help to improve your focus span.

A slackline benefit closely related to focus is the coordination. It requires great intense amount of coordination and concentration to walk on the line let alone perform the various slackline tricks. The eye-foot coordination is not a walk in the park and comes after many hours of practice. Once you’ve acquired coordination, you’re sure to excel in other activities particularly those that demand full mental input.

Boosts Memory and Learning Ability

You’re already informed that physical exercises can help improve your memory and consequently your learning irrespective of where you’re. Slacklining is a very intense activity that engages the whole of your body. And the visual cues for balance on slackline present a great opportunity for developing a good memory and spatial learning.

Helps to Avoid Injuries

Poor balance or stamina contributes to a great number of accidents and gets even worse when you engage in sports regularly. A study conducted among high school basketball players has concluded that there’s a high probability that a player with poor balance will injure his/her ankles.

The first thing you learn when slacklining is to balance on the rope and then to walk. You gain better balance when you advance to the various slacklining tricks. As a result, the more stamina you gain, the better you get at your sports. Injuries will also go down substantially.


Slackline health benefits cannot be underrated. Slacklining is not all about fun. Benefits of slackline are many-we’ve only discussed the major ones in this post. Get your slackline kit today and stand a chance to enjoy the fun as well as the advantages.

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