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Pogo Stick RuneScape – Video game Guide

The Runescape players will be happy to know that since January 25th 2016, they have a new ability that will let them move faster and have even more fun with Pogo stick runescape. They can add a Pogo stick to their character and it can move freely on any level they choose to.

How is Pogo Stick Runescape Done?

It is very simple to discover this really fun addition. It requires level 91 on Invention and six thousand on Inspiration to have perfect! Optimization. Then, all the weapons need to be set to unleashed to enjoy the full effect of the animated movement. The Pogo stick will be effective jumping on the spot even when our character is idle. This is a members-only addition that can be equipped but alchemy can’t be performed to it. Since it will not be available at any store, it needs to be made by the player.


Here is some specific information about the Pogo stick for Runescape players, let’s go through the basics:

Combat Effects:​​​​​

  • check
    Damage: 22
  • check
    Accuracy: 110
  • check
    Class: Melee
  • check
    Attach style: Slashing
  • check
    Attack Speed: Average

General information About runescape pogo stick 

  • Where can it be found? This weapon is player made, so it can’t be found in any store.
  • Is it trade-able? No, it is not tradeable nor stackable.
  • Which is the use? It can be used as a weapon.
  • What is it made of? It is made of 500 Stave Parts, 2 Royal Torsion Springs, 100 Swift Components and 500 Tensile Parts.
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    Where can it be made? All the mentioned parts have to be taken to an invention workbench.
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    How much does it weight? Its weight is 4 kg.
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    Which is the examine information provided by Runescape? The Runescape examine information is very accurate: “four times the bouncy, five times the fun”.

Learn More about Pogo stick

The Runescape won the Guinness World Records award because it is the largest and most updated Massively multiplayer online role-playing games with over 200 million accounts created.

runescape Pogo stick

runescape Pogo stick

The creators and developers are trying to add as many features as they can all the time and that is exactly why a Pogo Stick was introduced as a weapon and also to move around.

The animation of this means of transport for the virtual characters is very well designed and it doesn’t affect the playability at all. In fact, it makes it more fun. Characters move faster throughout the levels, saving the player’s time.

The aim of the Runescape as any other game is that players have as much fun as possible playing with it. The effort to keep it interesting is the reason why it attracts so many people.

As it is a multiplayer game, the fact that more people have an account and join the action makes it even more fun for the older players and more of a challenge for the new ones. If you are a Runescape player already, as long as you meet the requirements, we suggest you try to invent the Pogo stick for your player. It will make it even more fun.

Happy Pogo stick runescape! Happy video game!

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