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Who Invented the Pogo Stick ? History and World Record 2024

Who invented the pogo stick and what is the Pogo Stick history? The original has been improved many times. This often happens with this kind of toy that goes from one generation to the next. Let’s take a quick look at what happened since the pogo stick invention.

who invented the pogo stick

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Who invented the pogo stick?

Let’s see where it all started for the modern pogo stick. When was the pogo stick invented and who invented the pogo stick?

  • George H. Herrington: He invented and patented a design consisting of spring driven stilts. They were useful for leaping long distances. This happened in 1891 in Kansas. The principle was the same, but they had the shape of a pair of stilts. Not a pogo stick as we know today.
  • Max Pohlig and Ernst Gottschall: These German inventors patented in 1920 in Hanover the closest element to the modern pogo stick. In fact, taking first two letters from each last name will give you the POGO term. We can say they are the ones who invented pogo stick.
  • George Hansburg: In 1957,  this inventor patented the dual handle pogo stick model. It´s the closest to the ones we see today. That was a great innovation for risk free pogo jumping. A key feature to today’s massive acceptance.

Going from the spring loaded pair of Jumping stilts to the invention of modern dual handle pogo stick, it’s hard to say when were pogo sticks invented and who did it. As a result, We are going to stay with Max and Ernst for naming it.

What is the World Record for Pogo Sticking

  • Most Bounces in a pogo stick marathon (Guinness records): This record belongs to James Roumeliotis (USA) and was performed at Pogopalooza 2011. He bounced an amazing amount of 206,864 times in 20 hours and 13 minutes.
  • Highest jump on a pogo stick (Guinness records): The record belongs to Biff Hutchison. It was achieved on October 15th 2016 at his home in Idaho. He jumped 11 feet and 1/2 inch, just 6 ½ inches higher than previous record which he co-owned with Dalton Smith.
  • Most consecutive jumps on a pogo stick (Guinness records): The record holder currently is Jack Sexty (UK). He performed 88,047 consecutive jumps in 2015 at the Pogopalooza in Philadelphia, PA.
  • Most pogo stick jumps in a minute (Guinness records): The record holder is currently Tone Staubs (USA). It is 266 jumps (almost four and a half jumps per second!). This record was also achieved at Pogopalooza.

The pogo stick has come a long way. It began as just a pair of stilts with a spring and the most modern designs that can go up for more than eleven feet in the air. With the increasing popularity all over the world we will surely be seeing more of it in the future. That`s all about who invented the pogo stick and Pogo stick history. So, If you want to learn more about Pogo Stick, you can go to Wikipedia 

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