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Pogo Stick Health Benefits – Weight Loss by Calories burned

For a long time, the pogo stick has been around as children entertainment, a toy. The health benefits of jumping around with it are proving to be many. When talking about work out there are two things to keep in mind: health and weight loss. Most of us do it to be thin and look good, but we can really help our body be fit, healthy and live longer.

Burning calories with a smile

There´s no doubt about how much fun you can have with a pogo stick. But how many calories can I burn jumping on it? Well, numbers are astonishingly high. If you jump around for a full hour, the pogo stick calories burned will be 600!

This is a cardio exercise that will allow you to work out intensely. You will burn even more calories if you jump higher. The work out on the pogo stick can even be done divided in moments here and there with the same calories loss.

How much food are 600 calories? Well you can have a full combo at your favorite fast food chain and burn it all in one hour of pogo stick jumping. A more common strategy for pogo stick weight loss is to eat a more healthy meal, usually around 340-500 calories. Then do a full one hour to achieve pogo stick weight loss burning more than you are consuming.

The actual physical benefits of Pogo Stick jumping

Pogo stick jumping is a great exercise for our body. It works on many muscles very effectively, let´s take a look:

  • The back: This is the strongest point for pogo stick work out. The effort your body does to maintain balance makes your back muscles work really hard. With time it allows them to strengthen and help you have a more straight and strong back.
  • The stomach: Having a flat and strong abdomen is most people´s goal when they work out. By jumping up and down and trying to maintain balance, your abs will work as much as your back. In fact, it will make the four muscles groups work at the same time. Tensing them as you attempt to jump will make them work even more.
  • The legs: They play a key role for the jumping up and down movement you have to do to move forward with your pogo stick. While doing so they will strengthen and eventually gain on muscle mass.
  • The hips and butt: Another major goal for most people working out, especially women. Well, jumping on your pogo stick will make your butt more firm. All the flabbiness you can have on your hips just disappear within weeks.

Most of us who have taken on and dropped out of many different exercise programs know that the key elements to keep on doing it are: good results and a lot of fun. The pogo stick is really strong on both and there´s a plus, it can be shared with the entire family anywhere and with a minor investment.

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