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How To Choose Jumping Stilts – Buying Guide

So, you have plans of buying the best jumping stilts but have no idea how to go about it? The choice will determine your experience with kangaroo bounce shoes. Several considerations go into choosing the right kangaroo jumping stilts including the brand of jumping stilts, weight, age and your powerising skills level. Read on for details of these and more.

Body weight

Jumping stilts feature springs designed to support specific weight ranges. You don't want kangaroo shoes that will crumble under your weight. The rule of thumb when it comes to the size is that you add 10 kg to the actual weight range recommend by the manufacturer. Typically, you'll find that most units come with a manual with all the details and reading should not be a challenge.

You'll find jumping stilts for kids, adults, and youths. For the best experience, you want a quality built jumping stilts capable of supporting your weight and withstand all the jumping stilt tricks you want as an adult. Before buying jumping stilts for kids, make sure you know the weight of the child. Buying the wrong weight range means they'll not fit properly. The result is pain or in the worst case scenario, injury.

Bounce type

How would you like to bounce? Choose among harder, softer and self-adjusting bounce. Besides, you don't pick the bounce type blindly. You have to consider your weight and the spring types. Also, jumping stilts with both soft and hard springs are on the market. High heights and fast speeds can work well with harder bounces. And if you want to hop onto high objects at slow speeds, then the soft bounce is the way to go.


Don't be carried away by the appearance of the frame to disregard the quality. Be sure to get sturdy frames capable of supporting your weight and depending on what you want to use the jumping stilts for. If possible, we recommend that you get an expert to advice.


Another primary element that you have to consider is the comfort. See, your main objective is to enjoy the thrill that comes with powerising while at the same time benefit from the exercises. Be sure to check that your stilts have padding to prevent your feet from blisters due to the high-level friction from moving. For additional comfort, get a towel and tie around the stilts.

Spring types

Jumping stilts have springs made from either fiberglass or carbon fiber. Although fiberglass is also strong, it cannot beat carbon fiber in robustness and longevity. As such, professionals who want to perform various feats will go for carbon fiber springs any day as they are more resilient compared to fiberglass springs. As a beginner, fiberglass springs are okay as you’ll not need to replace them as often as when a master uses them.


Noise is a nuisance and definitely worth considering when choosing jumping stilts. How jumping stilts are designed and the materials used determine the noisiness. The noise can be an irritant to your neighbors, and in that case, you choose wisely. As for the opinions of other customers, read reviews online and even enquire from the manufacturer before settling on any choice.

Ease of use

You don't have all the time in the world. As such, you want stilts that will not take an eternity to put on and to remove. Besides, usage should be straightforward. It can be utterly disappointing and time wasting to spend all the time trying to figure how a certain brand of stilts functions. Instead, you should direct that time to have fun.

Lateral leg movement

Make sure that the kangaroo shoes fit you perfectly. If your feet move from side to side inside the stilts, movement becomes a challenge. That’s how you develop blisters on your legs. However, that’s not a major problem with most brands as most of the companies have put in efforts to fix it.


How much do you intend to spend buying a pair of kangaroo stilts? It's common sense that costly jumping stilts offer excellent components. Sacrifice and get something professional for the best performance, durability and most importantly, your safety.

Spring covers

Although not much of a necessity, some jumping stilts brands comes with springs covers while others do not. Since it’s not that critical, the decision is yours.


It’s clear there’s a lot to consider when choosing jumping stilts and rushing will only cost you a lot. Above all, we insist on quality and safety for the best experience in this fun sport. We hope that this guide will help in your next shopping for both beginners and veterans.

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