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How To Use a Pogo Stick For Beginners

If you were asked about how difficult it is to ride a bike, what will your answer be? It is really easy once you acquire the balance to stay on it! Well, how to ride a Pogo stick is no different. Let’s take a look at the basics of how to use a Pogo stick properly:

Pogo Stick Safety

This is the most important thing when learning how to jump on a Pogo stick. Make sure you ride safe always:

Check the correct functionality of your Pogo stick before you ride it:

  • You should buy a best Pogo stick to start learning with it. Buy a suitable beginner Pogo stick
  • Footrests and handles should be in place and very steady. Make sure no handles or grips are worn off and they are all still fully functional.
  • All bolts, but especially the ones holding the inside tube to the outside tube should present and really tight.
  • The spring at the bottom should not be rusty or squeaky. Make sure you bounce the Pogo with your hands on the ground before you get on it.
  • Check on the rubber tip because it wears out with time and you can fall. Do this every time you are to ride the Pogo stick.
  • AWAYS wear a helmet. Even if you are going through the backyard on your own house. If you happen to slip and fall, it is much better to have the helmet hit the ground than your head. If you can, also add further protection like elbow and knee pads. Remember: Stay protected and safe and it will always be fun.
  • Double check on the weight limit of the particular Pogo stick you are about to ride and make sure you are within those limits. The results of riding a Pogo stick when you are heavier than it can take can be disastrous. You will destroy the Pogo stick and there’s a big chance of hurting yourself and/or others.
  • Also check on the height. The measurement is usually from knees to neck, but for more accuracy, check on this:
  • If you are shorter than 5’5”, then you should use a pogo stick that is 46”
  • If you happen to be between 5’6”and 5’11”, then your Pogo stick should be at least 51”
  • If you are 6’or taller, then you should check that your Pogo stick is at least 56”.

If you do not respect these height indications, you can hit your chest with your knees and go straight to the floor.

  • Avoid any surface that is not really firm or that is uneven or slippery. Your Pogo stick will be stuck if it is not firm enough to bounce you into the air again. Also you might bounce differently if the floor is not completely flat and even, lose balance and fall. If the floor is wet, you might slip and fall backwards, sideways or even frontally. No dirt, no grass, no irregular stones and definitely not near a swimming pool or other wet spots.

Now that you know the basics about how to stay safe while having fun and learning how to jump on a Pogo stick, it is time you learn the basics on how to Pogo stick for beginners.

How To Jump On a Pogo Stick For Beginners

Let’s go over the basics on how to use a Pogo stick. Do not forget it is all about learning balance, so do not be discouraged if you fail your first attempts.

  • Learning the balance is the most important thing when learning how to use Pogo stick. The best way is to get or borrow a balance board. If you do not have one, then the best thing is to practice on a surface that will not hurt you when you fall. Believe me, you will fall many times. If you have been involved with skateboarding, snowboarding or even bike riding, you might have more control over your own movements and body. Just do not try to move around the neighborhood or into the streets until you are fully confident of your skills.
  • One foot at the time. The first time you ride it, place one foot on the foot rest and press down to activate the spring. Then put your other foot on the other side and hold the main tube with your knees. It is very important to remember that you should be holding on to the handles at all times and very firmly.
  • Once the spring is activated and all your weight is on the Pogo stick, it is time to bounce. At first you should try to jump straight up on the spot and not move your body to the sides at all. Try practice steady balance first.
  • An important tip is that you should try to jump towards the pedals, not away from you.
  • Always rely on your hands and hold tight to the handles.
  • Keep your pogo stick close to you, avoid pushing it forward.
  • Start slow, just a couple of bounces and then get off. Do not try to jump half an hour on your first attempt, you might get dizzy and end up on the ground. Just bounce a couple of times and get off. Repeat this at least ten times.
  • Do not try bouncing too high in the air at first; this could be harmful for you. The higher you go, the most difficult it is to remain balanced, so just go for a couple of small jumps and focus on balance.
  • Once you have mastered your balance, it is time to learn the body functions to keep jumping.
  • First you have to crouch on the foot rests and lower your bottom as low as you can.
  • Hold tight from the handles and pull your body up gently going to the full stand up position.
  • Repeat the crouching and standing up combination until you are comfortable jumping like that on the spot.
  • Now that you are really comfortable jumping on the spot, it is time to move. The Pogo stick is a really fun game but it is also a great way to move around. Here are some useful tips:
  • Direction on the Pogo stick is given by your body weight, so just gently lean in the direction you want to go.
  • Be careful when leaning because if you go too hard on it, you might fall that side or even start jumping in circles.
  • To go forward just lean gently in that direction and always remember to keep the Pogo stick as close to you as you can.

These are the basic steps when trying to learn how to ride a Pogo stick. Make sure you follow these tips and also to have a lot of fun doing it.

Ride on and stay safe!

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Eddie Stainley - January 27, 2021

I remember having a pogo stick when I was younger. I am pretty sure it was also from FlyBar. I love seeing companies that stay in business for my children to enjoy the same things from when I was little.

Eddie Stainley


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