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How to Slackline – Making the First Steps As a Beginner

For many, slacklining looks easy but learning the basics that involve walking from one end of the rope to the other may need lots of practice and patience. This post offers you step by step guide on how to slackline. And there's no age limit to learning slacklining. Just anyone can learn how to slack line.

As a beginner, the first thing you want to do is to set up your slackline at a low level. Consider the height to be around the knee level. It is also possible to find a best slackline with an extra training line that you hold onto helpful for people of different height and slacklining skill levels.

How to Slackline

How to Slack line

Do you need Slackline Shoes or No Shoes

While it's really a personal choice, there's more to it. If you decide to walk barefoot, you risk sustaining cuts or minor injuries from the rope. On the other hand, without shoes, you feel every movement under your feet.

However, if you decide to use shoes, consider the ones with a flat base and with treads. When the shoes have a smooth base, you risk slipping. Rubbers shoes are light and comfortable when learning how to slackline.

Best Shoes for Slacklining

So, Which shoes are best for slacklining? Check Our recommendation

How to Slackline - Making the Initial Steps

The aim here is to learn the basic steps as a slackliner. There’s nothing complicated. You want to master how to use slackline first. Just the initial steps involving balancing and walking on the rope.

First, stand parallel to the slackline or the rope and approximately one-third away from the end. Position your head upright and face the end point or the fix point end two further away from where you stand. Looking at the line for so long will interfere with your balance as it appears to be moving.

Second, place the foot just next to the line on the slackline. Be sure to check that it’s flat and straight on the line so you can gain proper balance.

Third, remember your other foot is still on the ground. Use it to push your whole body to on to the line. For stability reasons, make sure that the second foot is directly behind the first one. Also, ensure that your legs bend slightly when learning how to walk on a slackline. That allows for lowered center of gravity and enables you to gain control over the shaking on the line.

Make sure to hold your hands to the sides and at or slightly above the shoulder height. Try to look for the balance that way. You may make a few attempts before finally gaining balance. Keep at it. Once you manage to stand, hold it right there for a few seconds and then try to walk.

Be sure to check that your legs are close together when walking. That way, you’ll not make any mistakes or fall into the temptation of looking down. As such, you can ensure your balance all the way. The hips also come in handy in ensuring that you maintain and regain balance. So the hips, shoulders with the arms and the legs play a significant role in providing you stability on the line when slacklining.

A Helping Hand Makes Learning Simple, Fast and Fun

We would highly recommend that you get somebody to accompany you when learning how to balance on a slackline. That helps you to get a feel of the line making learning a little bit faster than when you attempt it on your own.

Keep at it. Believe You Can Do it

Of important to note is that you'll have to fail several times especially if you do it alone. Your legs will shake initially. Don't give up because you'll get used and with practice, you’ll only come to realize that the shaking is gone. So it’s all about practice, persistence and the confidence that you can do it.

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