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How to Make Your Own Slackline – Step By Step Guide

Probably you’ve tried it somewhere and are now keen on learning how to setup a slackline yourself so you can have a great time. Or maybe you have tried a few and ended up discouraged. So learning how to install a slackline remains the only option. This article aims to help you to build your own slackline.

To set up your slackline, you’ll need to gather all your tools that you can acquire at your local dealers. You’ll save by preparing your own slack line compared to buying an already assembled unit.

Supplies You Need To Setup Your  Slackline

  • A 60ft. 1 or 2 inch of flat or tubular webbing
  • 4 to 6 carabiners in three sets of two with lock biners incorporated to make a single unit
  • 2 six-foot climbing slings designed to fit most anchor points
  • 2 pieces of carpet, other sturdy material to prevent trees from abrasions
  • Two rappel rings

Those items will only allow you make a basic slackline setup and nothing fancy. Upon preparing your supplies, it will take you a few minutes to setup your slackline.

How to Put Up a Slackline

We have a comprehensive guide for you that'll take you from the beginning to the end. Read through;

Choose Anchor Points

Once you have your slacklining gear ready, select the anchor points. Typically, you select two trees. As a beginner, the best length is 15-20 feet end to end. Be sure to check the area has no sharp objects. Consider a grassy flat surface.

Build Anchors

The next step after identifying an ideal place is to build the anchors. Make sure whatever anchors you use can support up 500-1000 pounds for your safety. Trees and cemented poles make excellent choices.

Important: When using tree anchors, makes sure to use the carpet or paddings stated above for protecting the backs of the trees.

Now you can go ahead to wrap a loop using the climbing close to the ground about 2 or 3 feet high. After wrapping sling bring the two ends of the sling together and then attach the carabiner or two.

Attach the slacking line to the first anchor

how to tie a slack-line

how to tie a slack line

The next step is to learn how to tie a slackline. Connect the webbing line to the carabiner already attached to the slings. You can decide to go the primitive way that involves tying an overhand knot. A safer knot for your slackline is the two- half hitch knot although you’ll need to master how to do it.

Now move to the other anchor point and repeat the process in the first anchor point but this time attach two carabiners.

How to install a slackline gets trickier when you want to connect the webbing line free end. This is how to go about it. Connect the two carabiners to the clove hitch. Then take the slackline webbing free end and attach the clip the upper carabiner. By pulling the line back and forth, you create a mechanical advantage. Be sure to repeat this step until you have four one advantage.

Tie three-half stitches

The final step is to tie the system wrapping into three-half-stitches, which is primarily three over-hands around the layered strands. You're all set to have all the fun using your own slackline.

How to Take Down a Slackline

Once you’ve enjoyed the fun, you have to release the slackline. Otherwise, it might result in accidents in the event people trip on it accidentally. As such, knowing how to loosen your slackline is as important as putting it up.

You need to exercise caution when dismantling the slackline as the band is usually under high tension and can cause serious injuries. Start by pulling the inside lever to the main lever handle to release the ratchet. Upon releasing the band, pull it back from the ratchet and then loosen the looped anchors. That way, the bands can come off. Be sure to check for any abrasions on the tree or the anchor point damages to the band.

Final thoughts

In this post, you’ve learned how to make your slackline, to set it up and to bring it down. You don’t necessarily need to buy a pre-made slackline. Besides, you’re likely to save a few dollars when you know how to setup a slackline.

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