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How To Do Tricks on a Pogo Stick To Jump Higher

Mastered how to Pogo stick for beginners? It’s time to take the fun to the next level. These are the basics to learn how to do Pogo stick tricks for beginner kids to adults

The basic Pogo stick tricks can be done and mastered fairly easy, of course they will make you practice over and over again, but here are the basic ones:

Pogo Stick Tricks List

  • One foot: Always start with your non-dominant foot and try to stay balanced. The key is to know exactly when to remove the other foot and to compensate that with the rest of your body weight so you do not fall.
  • No hands: This is a real classic. This is something you should try when you have intermediate to advanced skills only. The key is to squeeze the Pogo stick between your knees really tight and not letting it go loose. If you lose balance with no hands, there is only one destination: the floor.
  • Down the stairs: This is a little more difficult as it is Pogo stick tricks pro. It should be tried only when ready, advanced riders only with XPogo or extreme Pogo stick. The key is to bounce repeatedly on top of the stairs and gain full balance. Once we are completely sure that the stairs are completely clear of people and the surface is even and dry, then lean gently forward. The first moment is the most scary one, the best tip is to bounce only once per step.

Do not think about Pogopalooza just yet, there are many tricks to learn on your Pogo stick but make sure to go baby steps on it and use protection at all times. For advance level of cool Pogo stick tricks, you should buy Xpogo or extreme Pogo stick. Have lots of fun!

How to Make a Pogo stick Jump Higher?

Once you lifted the Pogo stick from the ground as little as a few inches, you get excited and want to make it jump higher, here is how to do it.

In order to have a Pogo stick in the air, the spring should be compressed down by the user’s weight and movement. The energy exchange is as simple as it gets, the user pushes down and the spring pushes him back up.

As some of this energy stays in the spring after the first decompression, when the stick makes contact with the ground again, the energy is added to the second jump. This is way the bouncer gets higher each time the procedure is repeated. The more you jump, the higher you will get. Of course this is not indefinitely this way; otherwise astronaut suits will be required. The energy becomes even at one point.

Another way to have a Pogo stick jump higher is to make the spring stronger. Professional Pogo stick jumpers have a different kind of Pogo stick called Xpogo or extreme Pogo stick. Those are built with extra strong springs that compress to a much higher rate than regular ones. The result is that when they decompress, they release more energy and make the user go up.

Lastly, Pogo stick jumping is a very physical sport/game and requires intense activity from the user. The harder you are able to push down and lift up with different parts of your body, the better results you will get. Using the leg muscles for more compression is a must and to strengthen the arm muscles to lift up is another great way to go for it.

The height you reach jumping on a Pogo stick depends on several things such as the physical condition of the user and the capacity of the spring to compress and decompress using all the energy. So, to jump higher on a Pogo stick you should work out and be in shape and also have a more powerful spring to give that energy back to you and launch you in the air.

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