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Best Slackline For Beginners 2024 : Slackline Kit Reviews

Looking for the Best Slackline? Slacklining used to be for experts only. Nowadays, people of all ages are trying their hands at this balancing activity.

So, what will you need? You will need a good slackline and a wide location. This can be a park, your backyard, or the beach.

I will show you five of the best slacklines for beginners and help you choose the perfect slackline for you.

Best Slackline Kits Comparison

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Recommended Best Slackline Brands For Beginners

We spend couple of hours to find the best slackline for beginners 2024 and made a list of best slackline kit to help your shopping. We tried our best to show you top rated and high quality slackline kits according to customer reviews and users.

1. Macaco Slackline 52'x 2"(16 Metre) and Booklet

Best Slackline Brands For Beginners

Features Highlights

  • Package Height 3.15 x 8.35 x 12.68 inches
  • Shipping Weight 5.47 pounds
  • Total kit weight: 2 Kg.
  • The line is capable of 3 tons

This slackline is comparable to Gibbon products. It is affordable, easy to set-up, and it is durable. It comes with a booklet filled with instructions on how to set it up. Its 50mm-wide webbing offers great balance.  

It comes with strong ratchets, and it passed UK’s safety test. I highly recommend this for beginners. Macaco Slackline is also for the adventurous. It comes in jungle design prints, and it is lightweight.

You can bring it with you using its cotton drawstring bag, or you can just put it inside your backpack. It can hold until three tons. Anybody can use it.

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2. Slackers 50-Feet Slackline Classic Set with Bonus Teaching Line

Best Slackline Brands For Beginners

Features Highlights

  • Great For Beginners
  • Multi Colored
  • Package Height 3 x 10.8 x 13.2 inches
  • Size 600 Inches
  • Kit Contains: 50' 2" webbing & ratchet, bonus 50' 1" teaching line, ratchet & carrying bag included.
  • Shipping Weight: 8.4 pounds

This slackline is versatile since beginners of any age can use it.

It comes with an overhead hand line or a teaching line which you can hold on to for added support, and balance while walking along the length of the slackline. This feature makes it suitable for kids, those with knee problems, and those who are afraid of falling.

Its nylon webbing is flat, and it is two inches wide. These features make it suitable for training.

It is also user-friendly. It comes with an instruction manual and a tensioning ratchet for easier set-up.

Its 50 feet-long webbing and teaching line make it fun to use.

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3. Slackline Kit: 52 Foot Classic Trickline for Slackers of all ages. Slackline Kids to Slack Line Adults

Best Slackline Brands For Beginners

Features Highlights

  • Comes with complete instructions
  • 52 foot trick line
  • width of the band 2 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 5.2 pounds
  • 2.9 x 8.5 x 12.8 inches

This slackline is easy to set up with its quick-release ratchet, and complete instructions. These features make it easier for beginners to use this slackline for the first time.

This 52-feet long slackline comes with a 52-feet teaching or training line. It has a 2-inch webbing, and it can support until three tons. These features make this product great for beginners, kids, or adults of any weight.

It comes with a carrying bag, and it is lightweight. Carrying it during your travels won’t be much of a problem.

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4. Slackline Industries Baseline - Complete slackline Kit with Tree Protection

Slackline Kit Reviews

Features Highlights

  • 2-inch wide slackline
  • suited for Ages 5+
  • webbing strength: 4 tons
  • max weight: 300 lbs (136 kg)

Slackline Industries is German Technical Inspection Association (GTIA) certified. Plus, it is the only US company of slacklines which follows US and European standards. It only means to say that this slackline is safe to use!

It comes with a 50-ft main line, an 8-feet ratchet strap, a ratchet tensioner, and a reinforced loop. It also comes with DVD for set-up instructions, and basics of slacklining. These features make this product easy to use, and easy to set up.

Slackline Industries comes with 2 tree protection straps. These straps do not only protect the trees you use to anchor your lines on. These also help keep your slackline intact.

Slackline Industries shines in a Gibbon slackline review for its longer main line.

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5. Driftsun Sports Slackline Kit - 50FT Classic Slacklining Line with Training Line and Tree Guards

Slackline Review

Features Highlights

  • 2" x 50' ratcheting line
  • 1" x 50" training line to maintain balance
  • Convenient bag to store and transport your kit
  • Deluxe ratchet
  • 2 tree guards to protect your equipment and trees

This slackline is durable. It can resist weather and will make you spend less time and energy in setting it up each time you want to use it.

This 50-feet slackline comes with a deluxe ratchet for easier set-up. It also includes tree guards for added line and tree protection.

It comes with a training line making slacklining training easier for beginners.

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6. GIBBON Slacklines Classicline 49ft - Gibbon Classic Slackline Review

Best Slackline For Beginners

Features Highlights

  • Original 49-feet red model
  • 2-inch width
  • gibbon slackline classic
  • 10.4 x 8.6 x 2.1 inches ; 6.6 pounds

At position six is Gibbon Slackline review. The slackline has won the heart of many and has outstanding features it possesses. It’s very popular with schools for children, gyms and even personal training at home.

Gibbon Slackline set comes with all the components you need to experience endless slacklining fun. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner or are experienced. The slackline comes in a two-part set that makes set-up and disassembly a breeze.

It’s a simple set yet it features a 49 feet, 2-inch wide, robust flat nylon webbing that beats those other cheap slackline options on the market hands down. Thanks to the 2-inch webbing and low mounting, it’s safer when compared to a 1-inch wide nylon webbing common with other slacklines.

A slackline is always under tension especially when it comes to performing various tricks on the line. As such, the ratchet needs to be durable otherwise it poses a significant danger to you. Gibbon slackline set features a sturdy ratchet capable of standing high tension for many years of fun as well as your safety.

We recommend Gibbon Slacklines Set for starters looking to train as well as the intermediaries whose aim is to explore the various slackline tricks.

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7. Slackline Kit - Pro 52ft Classic Trickline - Kids and Adults

Features Highlights

  • Slackline-PRO 2.0 PLUS
  • 52 ft long by 2 inches wide Classic set
  • Ultimate trick line for kids and adults
  • 3.3 x 8.9 x 13.6 inches
  • 7.1 pounds
  • Color is Green

Slackline-Pro 2.0 is a versatile set perfect for starters, intermediaries as a well as professional slackliners. As a beginner, it presents a great opportunity for learning how to balance and walk on the line. As you progress through the levels, you'll not need any other line for mastering those tricks.

The slackline set includes everything you need to enjoy unlimited fun irrespective of your level. Included is a 52ft long, 2-inch wide line perfect and safe for slackliners at all levels to train and do all manner of tricks as it is more stable and less wobbly. Besides, the webbing is durable enough to withstand a tension up to 3 tons without giving in. With a loop on each end, the line allows for a secure and safe attachment to the anchors.

In the slackline set also is a ratchet robust enough to withstand the tension and pressure as you learn to balance, walk and finally mastering and perfecting your professional slackline tricks. Also included in the set is a training line that comes in handy when slackline is for use by slackliners of different sizes and skill levels. As such, it a safe option even for small boys and girls before they can balance and walk on their own.

Also, Slackline-Pro 2.0 set comes with a carrying bag where you can fit your slackline and enjoy the fun in your backyard or even away from home.

Don’t settle for less. Slackline-Pro is your perfect companion and safe choice regardless of your size and skill level.

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8. Slackline Genius- Complete Slackline Kit

best Slackline  kit

Features Highlights

  • suitable for kids aged 5+ and adults
  • Comes with Slack Line / Tension Ratchet / Tree Protectors, Core and Balance Exercise Equipment
  • with Carry Bag
  • 3.3 x 11.5 x 13.7 inches
  • 5.91 pounds

Slacklining improves core strength and balance. Slackline Genius is a one of a kind slackline for sale that will help you experience endless hours of outdoor fun. You’ll not incur any further buying extra tools. It comes as a set with the various crucial components included.

It comes with 2-inch, 50 feet long line wide enough for additional stability and less wobbling. The line is made from high-quality material that renders it durable and can support up 150kg equivalent to 330lbs. Besides, it's robust enough to withstand the high-level tension up 3 tons mainly when doing the various slacklining tricks.

As pointed out, a wide line makes it possible for starters including small kids to learn how to balance and walk as it's more stable than a 1-inch line. The slackline has been designed with your safety in mind. It comes with a user-friendly ratchet that promises efficient tensioning. As if that isn’t enough, a there’s also a loop reinforced to ensure that it has a firm connection at the anchor.

What's more, you need no special skills to operate Slackline Genius Kit. With all the tools provided, you should set it in minutes. Besides, it's an excellent kit perfect for use by kids 5 and above as well as adults.

Most slacklines sets will include all the tools but tree protectors. As such, it’s upon you to improvise. However, that’s not the case with Slackline Genius. Included in the kit are tree protectors that not only prevent abrasion to the trees but also ensure that the sharp barks of the trees do not eat into the nylon line following the high tension.

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9. Bring Your Adventure (BYA) Sports Funline Slackline-Beginners

best Slackline

Features Highlights

  • Comes with slackline,
  • Comes with carry bag, ratchet tensioner, overhead helpline
  • Comes with instruction manual.
  • 50-foot slackline 
  • 2-inch flat commercial grade nylon webbing
  • 7.3 pounds

As a beginner slackliner, you can never go wrong with a slackline kit solely designed for you. BYA Funline Slackline is an ideal option for starters irrespective of their ages. And yes, the kit comes with every tool you need to kick-start your slacklining practice.

When starting out, balance is a major problem. Thanks to the 50 feet, 2-inch wide flat high-quality nylon webbing, you are sure that the line will remain stable and less shaky. And with the custom wave and rubber grip, you can be sure to practice balancing and walking without the risk of sliding.

Also, for your safety, the line features reinforced loops on each end for firm grip at the anchors. And with the heavy duty ratchet, you can be sure it will withstand high volume tension up to 4 tons without damage.

Besides, it comes with an overhead training line ideal for starters particularly small kids who have not yet developed balance to walk freely.

Although made from robust commercial grade nylon, the line is remarkably lightweight and allows you to fit into the provided carrying bag for storage and convenience when you want to experience fun away from your backyard to the beach or the park.

What’s more, you’ll not break a sweat when setting up the slackline. Included in the BYA slackline kit is a detailed instruction manual that you can follow to have it assembled in a few minutes.

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10. Trailblaze Slackline Complete Kit-Home Fun & Workouts

best Slackline Kit

Features Highlights

  • safely carries 300 lbs
  • 50-ft slackline
  • 2 x 40inch TREE PROTECTORS
  • 3.25 x 10.25 x 14.4 inches
  • 7.6 pounds
  • Blazing Orange

If you’re looking for a remarkable home fun with family and friends, then a slackline should be on your radar. Trailblaze Slackline tops our list, and with it, you can have all the fun you've always imagined.

Trailblaze Slackline is 2-inch wide and 50 feet long making it a perfect choice for starters as well as veteran slackliners. With the included training line even small kids and those just starting out can practice balancing as they only need to hold on to it. The wide nature of the line makes it stable and less shaky for beginners as they gain confidence and balance with time.

Even more, the line has been designed with the ultimate professionalism rendering it remarkably robust and durable for your safety and durability. The slackline features a solid and high tension ratchet on both sides that withstands pressure up 5 tons with no breakage. Besides, the training also has highly usable ratchets allowing for a secure connection.

Also, Trailblaze Slackline is intent on encouraging responsible slacklining. Included in the kit are two tree protectors that prevent abrasion to the tree anchors. As an advantage, your nylon slackline will not wear out as the protectors come in between the slackline and the loops of the slackline. That way, it prevents breakage that might expose you to injuries and even death.

The slackline set comes with detailed and precise setup instruction ensuring that you make the best use of your slackline. And it does matter your skill level. Advanced or a beginner, you can have it installed in minutes.

To top it up, you stand a chance to benefit the lifetime warranty offered on every purchase of Trailblaze Slackline. You can buy it risk-free and ask for a full refund if not satisfied.

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What to Consider When Finding the Best Slackline for Beginners

There are lots of slackline for sale in the market of 2024. I suggest you consider the following points before buying one.

Choose the type of webbing of your slackline

I suggest you to buy a 2-inch, and flat-woven webbing as you are a beginner for the following reasons:

  • It is easier to walk on
  • Its ratchets make rigging easier
  • It has a low stretch quality
Choose a slackline suited for training

Some products come with an overhead hand line for you to hold on to for better balance. I recommend this for those with weak knees, and those who are afraid of falling. Slackers Classic Set comes with an overhead hand line.

Slackline Tricks and Instructions

Look for a slackline which comes with instructions on how to make a slackline. Slackline Industries Baseline comes with an instructional DVD.

Check for safety

Look for brands certified by known organizations, and choose those products with legitimate websites.

Best Slackline Videos

Benefits of Slackline

Walking on a slackline is fun. It involves the use of our body and mind. It’s not only a physical activity. It is also considered as a form of meditation. Slacklining offers the following health benefits

Some Slackline Health Benefits:

  • It helps improve mood in depressed people.
  • It helps relieve stress and anxiety.
  • It boosts one’s happiness.
  • It enhances memory and learning.
  • It improves coordination.
  • It improves focus.
  • It helps prevent injury.
  • It helps in injury rehabilitation.
  • It helps improve core and lower body strength.
  • It improves one’s balance.
  • It helps improve one’s posture.
  • It is a form of cross training.
  • It is a form of work-out.

How to Setup a Slackline without Trees

There’s no doubt the most popular and easiest way to setup a slackline is between two trees. However, some circumstances force you to improvise other anchor points. For instance, you may not have trees in your yard. In that case, you have to look for alternatives. In this post, you'll learn several ways of setting up a best slackline kit without trees.

Options for Setting up Slackline without Trees

Apparently, there’s no single way to do it. You have a variety to choose from. Yours is only to enjoy that whatever you settle on can support the line and guarantee you safety.

Upright Anchors

Take a quick look around you, and you cannot miss something to setup slackline without trees. You’ll see telephone poles, sturdy cemented street signs and more. Vehicle truck hitches on vehicles also make excellent anchor points.

However, when selecting any of these options, be sure to check that they are strong enough to support the tension that comes from a slackline. It's common sense to move to the next if you suspect it the anchor cannot withstand your weight.

Temporary Deadman Anchor

When you want to have your slacklining fun in the snow or at the beach, you need a temporary solution.

It requires some work to do. Start by digging a hole on either side. Three to four feet should do just fine. You should have your anchors with you, say logs or planks.

Go ahead and attach the line to the anchors and bury them. Now get the line to your preferred height, place it onto the A-frames, one on each side to bring it to the desired height. And being a permanent method, you’ll be forced to dig again to retrieve the line as you cannot leave it there.

Permanent Deadman Anchors

Lack of trees in your backyard does not have to cost you the fun that comes with slacklining. Backyard Slackline without trees is possible with just a little bit of work.

You have to dig the ground to seal a metal tube with concrete to render it robust. But don't connect the line just yet.

First get a strong chain from your local hardware store and attach it to the metal beam. And once you have the one end of the chain out of the ground, use a shackle to connect the line to the chain.

Add an A-frame or similar things on either side to achieve your desired height, and there you have a reliable anchor.

Use a Pre-Made Slackline Kit No Trees

Of course, the methods above require your input and creativity. They will even need your time and effort.

All slackline kits work almost the same way with the main difference being the prices and the flexibility. Some kits will use augers and others spikes with the latter being ideal for slackline tricks and heavy weights. Other kits also allow for height adjustability. Some kits come with all the components including A-frames and the line.

Wall Anchors

You can take your backyard slackline setup without trees to another level by designing permanent anchor points on the concrete wall. There are complete slackline kits no trees that you can buy for you do that. In that case, you have to go for the slackline anchors specific for the wall.

Choices of Slackline without trees are endless with even some making use of floor bolts & chairs and Boards & Doorframes. As such, there’s no excuse whatsoever why you should not experience slacklining fun irrespective of where you are.

Benefits of Slackline without Trees

  • The most obvious advantage of slackline no trees is that you can enjoy your sport without ever worrying about harming the trees.
  • You can leave the slackline set up all day in your backyard if it poses no danger. That way, you can have fun every time you feel like it.
  • It gives you the freedom to play with the position of the anchors if you have the slackline setup in your backyard. You can also bring A-frames close together to teach or learn new tricks or far apart when you want to challenge yourself.

You don’t have to overthink to slackline without trees. Just look around and spot a thing you can utilize as anchor points and enjoy the sports at your convenience. Through that, you'll not only enjoy the fun and the benefits but also help to protect the trees.

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The Bottom Line

All the five slacklines are great for beginners. These are long and have 2-inch wide webbing.

I highly recommend Slackline Industries Baseline Slackline Complete Kit with Tree Protection as the best slackline for beginners. It has all the needed tools (instructional DVD, wide line, ratchet, reinforced loop) for a beginner to use in slacklining as it is the best slackline kit on the market of 2024

It is nature-friendly with its tree protection straps, and it is safe for use with its GTIA certification, and compliance with US and UK standards.

Check Price of Slackline Industries Baseline From Amazon

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