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Top 5 Best Jumping Stilts Review 2024 : Kangaroo Shoes Review

Best Jumping Stilts Review

What are the best jumping stilts? Whether it is for reading jumping stilts reviews or searching cheap jumping stilts for sale that you landed on this page, you’re on the right track.

You are not going to waste time gathering information here. We have valuable content. You will know what benefits you can get from using jumping stilts.This is going to be a life-transforming decision.

If you get the perfect kangaroo stilts, you are going to have a lot of fun while giving your health the best support that you can ever give. So, which jumping stilts are the best?

Best kangaroo Jumping Stilts Reviews 2024

It’s time to compare jumping stilts models. Basically, it all boils down to what’s important to you. Durability is important to some people, while others give weight to safety. We cover 5 of the best jumping stilts models in this review. We point only to the unique benefits of each model.

1. Child Youth Kangaroo Shoes- Best Jumping Stilts for Kids - Fitness Exercise (66-110lbs/30~50kg)

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Experts have it that children aged 9-14 typically belong to this weight category. If your child is within that range, this can be your best unit. Construction is solid.

Assembly is dependable because everything holds together perfectly. It is certified by the SGS and CE. Child Youth Kangaroo Shoes Jumping Stilts is safe for your kids.

These stilts look like they are ready to nurture a spirit of adventurism in kids. I particularly like the idea that it’s going to pull them away from playing video games or late-night TV.

If your child is not the sociable type, this gadget will train his mind to think differently and fix the way he relates to others. It is the best jumping stilts for kids.

Here are different kind of walking stilts which is perfect for kids, You can read more about it going to best stilts for kids

Feature Highlights:

  • check
    Safe to play
  • check
    Newest and popular sports gear in the world
  • check
    Load Range: Weight: 66~110lbs/30~50kg
  • check
    Certified by SGS and CE

2. Kids/Child Youth Kangaroo Shoes Jumping Stilts For Fitness Exercise - Youth jumping stilts Reviews

Feature Highlights:

  • check
    Weight: 88-132lbs/40-60kg
  • check
    Safe to play
  • check
    Certification: SGS and CE
  • check
    23.5cm for the length of platform of shoes
  • check
    Foot platform is 12" high off the ground
  • check
    come With knee and wrist pads

This is the “for older kids” version of the unit above. You might consider getting one once your child puts in more weight as he grows. The functionality and certification are pretty much the same.

Making the switch ensures that your child can do more with his gadget. I am talking about your child being able to do 360s, flips, fast runs, and higher bounces.

This is the time you can help strengthen your child’s health. Other relatives who have health problems, especially weight problems, may join.

Health and fitness experts have attested to the ability of these jumping stilts to reduce fatty acids and cholesterol levels and get ugly buttocks, waist and calf back to shape.

3. Air-Trekkers Youth Model - Carbon Fiber Spring - Air-trekker jumping stilts Review

Best Jumping Stilts Review

Features Highlights

  • check
    Safest highest quality
  • check
    under 5'2"
  • check
    less than 120 lbs
  • check
    For young people (ages 8-12,)
  • check
    Product Dimensions 25 x 16 x 6 inches
  • check
    Item Weight is 8 pounds

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They talk about these stilts being the best for cardio. I am not surprised. Engineering is finest and the high-grade materials are exceptionally able to handle the rigorous work of bouncing a rider repeatedly.

Despite the rock-solid engineering, you will find it conveniently lightweight. It will be easy for your child to get on it, spring to the streets and start jumping as high as 5 m and running 20 mi/hr. Children are safe with this gadget.

The straps secure the knees firmly and the foam pad offers extra protection. Because of the sense of stability that it offers, this unit is the perfect instrument for developing your child’s athletic skills – agility, balance and coordination. This jumping stilts is for sale on Amazon

4. Poweriser 5070A Poweriser Advanced - Poweriser jumping stilts Review

Features Highlights

  • Great Gift Idea
  • allow you to jump 7 feet high and run 20 miles per hour.
  • Great Gift Idea
  • plus
    110-158 Lbs

The Poweriser is the best alternative to the immediately discussed unit above. It is designed for the heavier users. Safety and stability are guaranteed. It comes with the strongest materials used for jump stilts.

I heard minor complaints, but I think those are manageable. A customer said that he needs to buy additional Velco straps as the ones that came with the product secure only a small part of his legs.

Another less serious complaint – just about the bottom pad which the customer observed to wear fast. If you can put up with these small troubles, you’re better taking this home.

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5. Adult Kangaroo Shoes Jumping Stilts For Fitness Exercise also called Bouncing Shoes

Best Jumping Stilts

Features Highlights

  • check
    Load Range: 200-242lbs/90~110kg
  • check
    can run 15kM per hour
  • check
    Shipping Weight: 26.5 pounds

Here is skyrunner kangaroo jumping shoes review for you. This unit holds the heaviest weight range. If you've got some serious weight condition and can carry your weight up, this is perfect for your jumping exercises.

This unit can transport you 15 km per hour. Just make sure the straps cling to the metal tightly.This is definitely a product you will recommend. I can’t find less-than-5 ratings for this model. Everyone is happy  with unit because skyrunner is most the popular brand in this market.

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Things to Consider When Buying Best Jumping Stilts 

It requires prudence when searching for the best jumping stilts. Make sure to make a thorough examination of the jumping stilts you are considering. At the very least, check them with regard to:

  • Response – Know the stilts’ response level. Adult jumping stilts should be carefully chosen. Those with a high response level have caused knee, leg and back injuries in older persons. On the other hand, kids like fast-moving stilts that have high impact levels.
  • Jumping Style – Some people are more of a “heel jumper” rather than a forward bouncer. Jump Stilts that don’t match your style may cause durability issues.
  • Size – There are weight categories for choosing the right size. If you’re 50 kg or so, pick a small unit. For a 180-kg person, one of the medium-sized stilts will be perfect.
  • Bounce Type – Ask about the spring. It is the part that causes the bouncing. Bounce types are hard bounce, soft bounce and self-adjust bounce.
  • Lateral Movement – Try riding the kangaroo running shoes. Check if you feel comfortable moving your legs. Developing foot blisters is a common complaint.
  • Noise – Jump Stilts can produce annoying sounds. Some models operate quietly only in the first few weeks of use.
  • Frame – Check for the material used and the way the stilts have been engineered. Don’t be swayed by looks.
  • Spring Type – There are different types of springs. Some have great bouncing forces. If the purpose is to lose weight or quickly expend your energy, choose running stilts with a lower bouncing force. Springs lose tension force over time.
  • Chemical Odors – Some running stilts have appalling chemical smells. You might be allergic to rubber, paint or metal odors.
  • Ease of Use – The stilts’ weight should be easy to handle. They must be easily wearable.

What is Jumping Stilts/ Powerbocking?

Also called kangaroo stilts, kangaroo shoes jumping stilts, kangaroo bounce shoes, spring stilts, running stilts, kangaroo legs stilts, jumping stilts are a special type of stilts loaded with elastic springs that you can use to run fast, jump high and perform all kinds of acrobatics. The act itself is referred to as powerbocking. Some people perceive powerbocking as an extreme sport or a form of exercise. Others do it to show off their mastery of the art.

Stilts used for walking are poles with a platform where your feet can stand. Depending on the design, jumping stilts feature straps that keep your legs attached. Other Stilts (Pogo stick, Walking Stilts)are designed such that the user has to keep holding them when in use.

Each of the stilts has foot-plate with bindings that look like those of snowboards. There's also a rubber foot pad that helps in providing a firm grip to prevent sliding when walking or jumping. The bouncy stilts also feature fiber leaf spring used for its lightweight and sturdy nature.

As an enthusiast, you only need to rely on the weight of the kangaroo jumping  stilts to make simple movements. You can jump 3-5 feet off the ground and run at a speed of over 20km/h. Besides, you’re able to make long strides of up to 9 feet.

History of Jumping Stilts

Jumping stilts are a relatively new sport tracing its history back in 1999. After his intense research into the walking and jumping and running motions of Kangaroos for years, a German Inventor, Alexander Bock designed the first ever velocity stilts known as powerskips.

Alexander’s ingenious invention would later motivate other entities to replicate powerskips to come up with their own versions of kangaroo jumping shoes. StiltWirks Inc. introduced the velocity motion stilts into the US markets in 2000.

In 2002, a Korean company, Hitech & C.Co designed a new reasonably priced version of Kangaroo stilts known by the brand name, Powerisers that almost took over the market. The brand would feature in the stores in various markets including stores in Europe, US, and the UK in 2007.

In 2004, a China-based company, Flying Locust also decided to taste a share of the market for this fast-growing sport. They are behind the various brand including Flying Jumper, ProJump, AirRunner, and PowerStrider.

More and more players have joined in the kangaroo jumping shoes manufacturing bandwagon, and the market is full of brands. People, irrespective of the age and gender have fallen in love with this sport for the body exercise as well as the fun that comes with it.

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Benefits of Using Kangaroo Jumping Stilts

Jumping stilts start where natural human ability ends. And yes, they do not only bring endless fun and but also come with endless health benefits to the users. Every time you run, walk and perform various feats, you have a full body workout even without your knowledge.

Health benefits of powerbocking

  • Endless fun & Non-boring

Even before we move to the health benefits, one of the major advantages of jumping stilts is the fun that comes with the sport. We all desire to have fitter bodies, but the usual ways of achieving the results can be boring. As such, most end up quitting midway.

Walking, jogging, running, and weightlifting are some of the commonest forms of workouts for many but can be monotonous. With kangaroo jump shoes, there's no way boredom can grip you. The feeling that comes with doing various acrobatics, walking and running above and faster than others is just breathtaking. You'll be exercising and enjoying at the same time.

  • Improves cardiovascular and respiratory system

A study involving 7487 participants proves that exercises raised significant absolute and relative cardiorespiratory fitness. Jumping stilts provide an excellent avenue for exercising making your heart to race and increase the blood circulation in the whole body.

The heart muscle, just like any other part of the body needs to be worked out so it can pump at a faster rate so it can stay active and in good shape. Also, cardio workouts help to increase your metabolism which has a positive impact on your weight, either in maintaining or when you want to lose some pounds.

  • Relieving stress and depression

If stress takes a toll on you, then the rest of your body feels the impact. Jumping stilts is an aerobic physical exercise that triggers the production of endorphins. Endorphin is a natural painkiller that makes you sleep. With enough sleep, your stress level goes down significantly.

Physical exercises help to bring down the level of tension and stabilize your mood. Walking using jumping stilts contribute in dealing with depression with psychologist suggesting that a 10-minute walk will work just like 45 minutes work for lowering depression levels.

  • Burns fatty deposits and calories

Obesity and overweight is a major problem in America and elsewhere in the world. High levels of cholesterol arising from eating junk food and other unhealthy practices have put the lives of most people on the line. Shunning junk food and exercising can help to alleviate the problem. Jumping stilts, just like weight lifting will help to burn fats and calories in your body. The result is a fit, healthy as well as reduced body weight.

  • Builds stronger abdominal and strong muscles

Just like other body exercises, jumping stilts is a great example core strength exercises as jumping, walking and balancing involves the whole body. Therefore, the sports helps abdominal, back, pelvis and leg muscle to become strong.

  • Enhances balance and agility

When you incorporate kangaroo jumping stilts into your exercise calendar, you’re a guaranteed of improved stamina and quickness. Spring bounce shoes can allow you to run up to 30km/hr meaning that if you get used to them, you’ll end up improving your speed of performing various tasks. Also, by jumping and undertaking the various feats, you have to know how to land properly lest you injure yourself. That calls for high degree of balance and coordination.

The surest way to improve the quality of your life is through exercises. And because kangaroo shoes jumping stilts is a sport that helps to exercises the whole body, the time to adopt it is now. It will help to boost your mental wellness, physical wellness, and overall body health.

Using Kangaroo Boots Jumping Stilts for the First Time

If you’re on the lookout for a cool pastime, then you’ll like jumping stilts. It’s both fun and a perfect way of exercising your body. As a starter, it’s not always a straightforward as it may seem as kangaroo bouncy shoes can be injurious if not used keenly. But don’t worry we have your back.

Kangaroo Shoes Jumping Stilts Safety

As a beginner, you should be ready for anything including falling. As such, we recommend;

  • A helmet for your head
  • Elbow pads to protect your elbows
  • Knee pads to prevent injuries to the knees
  • Wristbands for your hands

When it comes to kangaroo jumping shoes, when it’s a single size, the assumption is that it’ll fit all those who ask for that size and there are no further considerations. However, you have to make sure that your knee does not move inside the knee-loop.

Check that you fit the straps properly. You can get an extra strap if you feel that you need additional support. Ideally, the knee-loop should be below your kneecap. You take it too high, and you risk pushing your kneecap.

Also, for your safety, ensure that you have jumping stilts of the right weight. Using the wrong weight will impact on your movement, and you risk falling. Worse still, you can fall dangerously if it happens to crumble on your weight. Similarly, be ready to cough more dough for high-quality stilts.

Jumping stilts Training or No Training?

When getting started with jumping stilts, powerbocking clubs can turn out very helpful. These are training clubs with instructors that offer classes on jumping stilts. Due to their expertise, you can master the skills fast.

However, if you cannot find a club to join or are not interested in registering one, you can still train on your own. Simply visit internet for videos, hints, and tips and jumping stilts tricks that’ll come handy in your training.

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Getting Started with Kangaroo Jumping Stilts

Remove any barriers

Check that there is nothing along the way that can hinder your movements. Level ground, non-slippery, and dry wide space make the best training area for beginners.

Get Some Helping Hands

As we pointed out, kangaroo jumping boots can be dangerous if you’re not careful and particularly if it’s your first time to use them. We recommend that you find a high seat that’ll make standing easy. Also, you’ll need to have some friends with you who will hold your hands as you stand practice to balance, walk, jump and eventually run.

You've got to start with small steps first and then increase the strides gradually as you become more comfortable and confident. You can also attempt grabbing something the height of your chest and bounce with one or both feet.

The basics are not all that complicated. Experts estimate that it should take you an average of 20 minutes to start jogging and jumping.

Embrace Patience

If you’re to master the art of jumping stilts and avoid injuries, then you should not rush. Powerising is a task that has a learning curve. Don’t attempt those complicated flips and acrobatic stunts that you may end up hurting yourself. Learn the basics first and stay focused and you’ll become a professional with time.

Handling Falls

It doesn't matter where you practice. Falling is part of the equation but how you fall is what counts, and it becomes an art. Fortunately, there's a way of managing it. First, make sure that you have your friends around.

When falling forward, be sure to go down as softly as possible while at the same time shifting most of your weight backward. After landing on the ground, support yourself with your hands to reduce the weight on your knees.

If you fall on your back, support yourself using your hands, then land on your bottom. Then you should attempt to roll backward to shift the weight away from your spine.

Stretch After Each Session

Jumping stilts is too involving, and it works out the whole body. However, to avoid stiffness and injuries, you need to stretch every part of your body that was active. They include your hips, lower and upper back and even buttocks.

Jumping stilts is a sport that might appear demanding and tricky when learning for the first time. However, as you learn and gain more confidence, it becomes fun. Be sure to practice this remarkable skill while ensuring that you stay safe.

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Wrap up

It feels good sharing with you bits of knowledge about jumping stilts and how to evaluate these products. It’s pretty obvious that the 5 models discussed are equally worth buying.

However, peoples’ needs differ. A durable unit can make someone save money in the long run, plus it is usually offered with a warranty. There is another jumping  instrument called kangoo jump shoes is available on the market, you can try on.

Kangaroo jumping stilts is a cool sport for enthusiasts looking for outdoor fun or recreation as well as an excellent tool for physical exercises. Based on how the sport has gained popularity, there’s no doubt the future of jumping stilts is bright.

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Please check your comments on picking stilts. You state that if your a 180 KG person to select t the medium size. 180 KG is about 400lbs!!!!!
2.2lbs per KG!!!
Please correct your math.

greg - November 30, 2021

Please tell me what to buy if i weigh 200?
you show 200-242 lbs but if I weigh the low of 200, don’t you have any for 180-220?
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