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Best Cards Against Humanity Expansion Pack Review 2024

best cards against humanity expansion pack review

What is the best cards against humanity expansion pack?

Cards Against Humanity calls itself “a party game for horrible people”. There aren’t many games that make it as big as this game has, especially in the age of digital apps and online gaming.

Card games have fallen to the side over the past decade, aside from a few round of poker some friends might play once in a while. But even that can be done on your mobile now! Cards Against Humanity, known as the ‘Black and White card game’, however, brought on a whole new wave of fun, hilarious card games for adults that seem to be multiplying by the minute.

But for those of us who have never picked up a deck of the cards or played at a party, you might be wondering what the game is all about. That’s what we’re here to tell you today.

What exactly this game for ‘horrible people’ is, why you should want to play, and how to easily get your hands on a set of cards.

What is Cards Against Humanity?

The entire premise of the game is quite simple. Every round, each player is dealt a few cards each. They then take turns pulling phrase cards from a centre pile and reading them aloud. The other players try to ‘fill-in-the-blanks’ by giving the player reading the card different answers. The player then chooses the answer they think is funniest (or not!).

The game definitely defines itself as one only suited for adults, and for good reason. Most of the cards do contain vulgarity and sexual language. But if you can get past those things and they don’t bother you, you can have a really good laugh with this game. But to understand the game in a little bit more detail before you jump into it at your next party, keep reading!

When and How did Cards Against Humanity begin?

Cards Against Humanity was actually created by a group of friends who had met in high school and graduated together. Originally, they had based their game heavily on the well known card game, Apples to Apples.

Their first game had only question cards, with players having to write their own answers to fill in the blanks. Later they added answer cards, and changed the game to be more like a round of Mad Libs.

Ben Hantoot joined forces with a Kickstarter funding group and started up a Kickstarter campaign on December 1st, 2010. It began with a goal of $4,000, but that was met in just 2 weeks.

After its full run the campaign ended on January 31st, 2011 and had raised over $15,000. This inspired the creators to make up even more cards for the game.

Black Cards vs White Cards

Black cards in the game are the fill-in question card every player takes turns drawing from the middle of the table. The player will read the phrase aloud. Phrases are usually not overtly funny or raunchy, but other players cards can make them so! A few examples of phrases on a black card could be:

  • For my next trick, I will pull ___ out of ___.
  • In the new Disney Channel Movie, Hannah Montana struggles with ___ for the first time.
  • ___: Good to the last drop.
  • Daddy, why is Mommy crying?

As you can see, these phrases aren’t anything out of the ordinary. But then, add in some white cards, and you’ve got some answers that to go from hilarious, to absurd, to utterly disgusting!

Here’s some possible fill-ins on white cards that could be used in the above Black Card phrases.

  • The Boy Scouts of America
  • Stephen Hawking talking Dirty.
  • A mime having a stroke.
  • Tentacle porn.

And they get worse. Yes, this is not a game for the faint of heart or those scared of a little vulgarity in their day! Cards Against Humanity is a raunchy yet fun game for adults only.

best cards against humanity expansion box

The Official Rules of Cards Against Humanity

Here's a quick guide to the official playing rules for the game. You can download the full official rules for more details, by going here.

  • To begin, every player draws 10 white cards at random.
  • Rules dictate the person who ‘most recently pooped’ must be named the Card Czar and begins the game by reading a black card out loud.
  • All players then choose the most hilarious answers to the black card using their own white cards. They don’t read them aloud, but lay them facing down in front of the Card czar. The Card Czar cannot know who put which cards.
  • The Card czar then reads the black card again, filling in the blanks with each white card.
  • The Card Czar then chooses the funniest answer, awarding the person who chose that answer 1 ‘Awesome Point’.
  • Play then continues, with the person next to the Card czar becoming the new Card Czar.
Special Cards:

Some Black Cards will say ‘Pick 2’ at the bottom. These cards require 2 answers, so each player must choose 2 White Cards to play, being sure to put them together in front of the Card Czar.


If a Black Card is played and you have more than one White Card you think would make a great answer, you can gamble one of your awarded ‘Awesome Points’ to play an additional White Card. If you win, you get to keep your point. If you lose however, whoever won the point gets your point as well.

Making it Up!

Cards Against Humanity creators encourage players to make up their own ways of winning, which makes the game so much more fun! Here are a few of their favorite ways to do it!

The ‘Happy Ending’: This is known as the ‘official ceremonial ending’ of a good game of Cards Against Humanity. Find the ‘Make a Haiku’ card in the deck of black cards and place it in the deck at the point you want the game to end. So if you’re 5 players and want the game to end after 5 rounds, place the Haiku card after 25 Black Cards in the already shuffled Black Cards deck.

Packing the Heat: For when Pick 2 cards are drawn, every player takes another white card from the deck to make things a little more interesting!

Survival of the Fittest: After everyone has answered the question being played, players take turns discarding one card each. The last remaining card is declared funniest.

Serious Business: Instead of choosing one winning card, the Card Czar chooses the top three cards, and points are awarded accordingly: The best card gets 3 Awesome Points, the second best gets 2 Awesome Points, and the last card gets 1 Awesome Points.

Rando Cardrissian: In this round, a white card is taken from the pile and placed as an answer to the question card along with all the other players cards. This is meant to act as an answer for an imaginary player, aptly named Rando Cardrissian. If this player’s card wins, all the other players will “walk home in shame”. All in fun of course!

The ‘Never Have I Ever’ Clause: At any time during the game, players may discard a White Card they don’t quite understand, and draw a new card instead. However, they must first vocalize their ‘ignorance’ to the group by announcing they have no clue what “__” is!

‘God is Dead’ Round: The Card Czar is done away with, and each player votes on their favorite answers to Blac Cards (without choosing their own). The answers with the most votes wins.

There are so many possible ways to play the game, too! A quick search online will show you them all.

Want to know more? Great, keep reading to see these different cards in a little more detail.

How to Start & Expansion Packs Explained

When you first start playing Cards Against Humanity, you’ll need to have a set of black cards and an even larger set of white cards.

The Original Best Cards Against Humanity Box

Buying the original starter box, simply called ‘Cards Against Humanity’ is the best place to begin. This box contains 550 cards with 460 being white ‘answer’ cards, and 90 ‘question’ cards. 

Best Cards Against Humanity Box
Buy from

This box is a pretty necessary part of the game, and it’s really not a huge investment to make, considering it is only $$.

The game boasts a possible ‘13 duodecillion’ rounds with 6 players, so you could definitely begin with this pack and wait a while to buy any expansions if you’d like.

The box also includes the official rules, as well as ‘fun, alternate’ rules that you can use any time while playing the game.

​Feature Highlights:

  • Contains over 500 cards for maximum replay ability
  • America's #1 gerbil coffin
  • Over 13 duodecimal possible rounds (10^40) with 6 players
  • Includes a booklet of alternate rules, game rules, and random jokes
  • Printed on premium, coated playing cards
  • Product Dimensions 7 x 4.1 x 2.7 inches

Then there’s the expansion packs…

Best Cards Against Humanity Expansion Pack 2024

Expansion packs give you additional cards to make the game a source of everlasting fun! Some even include blank cards to make up your own game answers and questions.

1. Cards Against Humanity: First Expansion

One of the series’ most popular expansion decks is the very First Expansion Deck. The expansion includes 100 new cards total with 80 white cards and 20 black cards. This deck also included the first ‘blank cards’ that allowed players to ability to add their own snarky inside jokes to the game!

Best Cards Against Humanity Expansion Pack

View On Amazon

Advantages: Being the first pack to come out, this expansion gives you the benefit of having some of the most classic, well-known ‘insider’ jokes in the game. Although they may not be the best, they are the ones that the game is known for,

​Feature Highlights:

  • 100 NEW cards (80 White cards and 20 Black cards)
  • 12 bonus blank cards (8 blank White cards and 4 blank Black cards)
  • 100% compatible with Cards Against Humanity)
  • Now with 40% more brand synergy
2. Cards Against Humanity: Fifth Expansion

The Fifth Expansion Pack is popular because of its zany cards, but also because it includes a few more black cards - 25 in total. 75 white cards with brand-new hilarious answers are included as well. Many reviewers rated this pack as being one of the top expansion packs, being far better in quality of answers and questions than the 4th pack. Although it was soon topped by the Sixth Cards Against Humanity Expansion pack...

Best Cards Against Humanity Expansion Pack
Buy from

Advantages: The fifth expansion brought in a nice bonus, more cards! This was rated in 2024 being one of the best expansion packs of all time, so if you’re looking for a good laugh this pack is probably a great one to start with. Just be ready for some raucous humour!

​Feature Highlights:

  • 100 completely NEW cards (75 white cards and 25 black cards)
  • 12 bonus blank cards (8 blank white cards and 4 blank black cards)
  • 100% compatible with Cards Against Humanity
  • First, Second, Third, and Fourth Expansions not required to play
3. Cards Against Humanity: Sixth Expansion

The Sixth Expansion Pack, like the Fifth, has 25 black cards and 75 white cards. A lot of players have voted this pack as one of the funniest available. It is also one of the most recent expansions that doesn’t have a different colored box or name. You can see a few examples of what is in this box in the Best Cards Against Humanity Expansion Pack part of this article below.

Best Cards Against Humanity Expansion Pack
Buy from

Advantages: The sixth pack was the highest rated expansion pack of 2024. Because of its crazy answers, like ‘Robots Who Just Want to Party’, the game can get pretty crazy pretty fast! But that is what we love about this game, right? You’ll want to combine this one with the fifth expansion for the best possible scenarios!

​Feature Highlights:

  • 100 completely NEW cards (75 white cards and 25 black cards)
  • 12 bonus blank cards (8 blank white cards and 4 blank black cards)
  • First, Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Expansions not required to play
  • Died for your sins

Can you play cards against humanity with just the expansion pack?

The thing to remember with Cards Against Humanity expansion packs is that you don’t need to own one in order to get the other. Start with the Original Pack, then add in expansion packs. Expansion packs on their own certainly won’t be enough to play a decent round of the game, but add fun to the original.

There is the Green Box Expansion Pack which is basically a huge expansion, including 245 White Cards and 55 Black cards, for 300 cards in total. A lot of people found this a great addition to their original pack as well.

The Cards Against Humanity creators have also teamed up with other sites and companies to offer some fun Cards Against Humanity expansions. There is the Hot Pink box ‘just for her’ which includes cards made specifically for women, with all proceeds going to charity Emily’s List. There is the 90s Nostalgia pack, containing cards that are all about the 1990’s. The Food Pack is all about food, co written by the people at Lucky

Awesome Accessories

Since the popularity of Cards Against Humanity has become so huge, you can also find some pretty neat accessories to go with your game. There are quite a few carrying cases that fit a lot of decks nicely. This makes it easy to carry the game around from place to place, and to just have a nice place to store it so it doesn’t get ruined with dust or dirt.

There are also quite a few nice deck boxes that hold larger or smaller decks. These are built sturdier than the regular cardboard ones and look great on a shelf!

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The Best Cards Against Humanity Expansion Pack

According to popular vote by Card Against Humanity players, the Sixth Expansion pack was the absolute best. This is because of the great Black and White cards that the 6th expansion is full of. Here are a few Black Cards from the sixth expansion:

  • When I was a kid, we used to play Cowboys and ___.
  • Listen Gary, I like you, but if you’re going to want that corner office, you’re going to have to show me___.
  • Everyone close your eyes and join hands. Can you hear that? That’s the presence of ___ in this room.
  • Y’all ready to get this started? I’m Nick Cannon and this is America’s Got ___.
  • If you had to describe me, the Card Czar, using any card in your hand, which would you choose?

Along with some possible White Cards from the Sixth Expansion…

  • A bass drop so huge it tears the starry vault asunder to reveal the face of God.
  • The power of the Dark Side.
  • A whole lotta woman.
  • Robots who just want to party.
  • No longer finding any Cards Against Humanity card funny.

Besides these original packs, voters also chose a few packs made by secondary parties. These are ‘unofficial’ packs, but they still make the game a lot of fun once you have the original pack. Want to find a few? Search for ‘Crabs Adjust Humidity’, ‘Cocks Abreast Hostility’, as well as ‘Crows Adopt Vulgarity’. As you can see they are all plays on the original title, but have the same idea, Black Cards and White Cards.

Where to Buy The Best Cards Against Humanity Expansion

Now that you’re intrigued, you want to know where you can get a Cards Against Humanity set, right? Simply put, the best place to buy them is online. Not only is it the cheapest place, with card and comic stores charging a premium to stock it, but it is the easiest. As in the links we provided above, you can easily find any deck you like and pick and choose the one that would suit you best. That being said, you can choose from a long list of retailers like Amazon, or simply buy the cards from the original website at It should be noted, however, that the original website no longer sells the first fe expansion packs - Amazon is the best place to get those!

Aside from finding Cards AGainst Humanity on Amazon or at a comic book store, the only other place that has been known to have it is Walmart, if you’re lucky, and Walmart’s website. We’re not sure why it is so difficult to find - either the stores don’t want to sell it, or the company just doesn’t want to bother with the tough retail market.

Best Cards Against Humanity Expansion for Free

Did you know you can download some of the original Cards Against Humanity cards right off of their website? Cards Against Humanity was made with a Creative Commons License, meaning anyone can access it for free. You won’t get the nice, big look of the finished, polished cards, but it’s a good way to get a feel for the game. For the free version, just head to their website at and scroll down to the ‘Download for Free’ button. This will allow you to download a PDF containing 460 White Cards and 90 Black Cards. They recommend taking it to a print shop to have it printed on nice, professional cardstock, but if you just want to try the game out before buying it, you can use cheap cardstock from the store.

How Much does Best Cards Against Humanity Cost to Buy?

So you’ve decided to invest in a deck, but want to know how much it will end up costing you? Here’s where it gets tricky. Initially you can begin with the original starter pack, as you should, which you can find on Amazon for the decent price of $25 USD. This really isn’t a bad price seeing as how having them printed would cost about $10, and comparable card games with this many cards in the box can cost as much as $50.

After you have the first set, you can find the Cards Against Humanity expansion packs for a very good deal. The popular Sixth Expansion, for example, is just $10 on Amazon, along with the other expansion packs costing about the same. The specialty Cards Against Humanity expansion packs we mentioned above can be bought through the Cards Against Humanity website for between 5 and $30, depending on the number of cards you are given.

So as you can see Cards Against Humanity really isn’t all that expensive, especially compared to other board games and card games for adults.

The How, the why and the where

Just to round up all of the information we have presented in this article, take a look below.

  • Cards Against Humanity is a card game similar to Mad Libs. One player reads a fill-in-the-blank phrase card aloud, while the other players choose their most hilarious answer cards.
  • Cards Against Humanity is most easily purchased through, but can also be bought on their website. Some shoppers have also found it at Walmart.
  • Cards Against Humanity is not an expensive game, not requiring more than a $30 investment to begin with.
  • There are a ton of variations to the game that you can have fun with, and the creators encourage you make up your own as well!

With such a great game for such a low price, it’s no wonder people have gravitated toward it like crazy.

After reading our Reviews, We hope now you understand that what is the best cards against humanity expansion pack to buy.

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