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Easy Slackline Tricks for Beginners

Slacklining is still a relatively new activity or sport, and new tricks are born every day. You even have the freedom to devise your own best slackline techniques to add on to the existing ones. In this post, I’ll take you through basic slackline tricks that you can learn today for maximum fun in the outdoors. From the basic slackline tricks, there are advanced and extreme slackline tricks to learn as you master the art.

The basic slackline tricks

Easy slackline tricks

Easy Slackline Tricks

As soon as you learn how to balance and walk on the slackline, it’s time to graduate to easy beginner slackline tricks. They are very common and straightforward such that everyone can master them with a few days of practice.

The basic slackline tricks include;

  • Balancing with your feet sideways- A very basic beginner slackline trick that you need to learn and that will come in handy in learning all advanced stances. It helps you to gain better balance on the line.
  • Jump mount- the slackline trick involves jumping comes in handy when mounting the line just when starting. Make a simple jump either forward or backward with one foot or both of them. It can make your starting fascinating. Stand either parallel to the line or even astride.
  • Walking backward- Keep one foot closely behind the other. Keep your head straight and avoid looking at your feet. This slackline trick helps to keep your eyes focused as you make your steps backward in line with the webbing and without misses.
  • Turning around- the skill involves making a pivot turn on your feet while on the slackline. First, walk on the line with your eyes fixed on a single point. Then turn your head and body looking at the same point again. Make sure not to focus your eyes on your feet while doing so. There are even more techniques to try with this trick the most popular being posturing with your feet sideways. Once you've mastered the trick, you can go ahead and rotate or spin.
  • Jumping/Vertical Jump- In this trick, you first bounce on the webbing with your feet on the line. Take it a notch higher by breaking the contact between your feet and the webbing and bounce in that manner. You can do this by pushing your weight on the line and then allowing its force to throw you in the air. Bend your knees while still in the air and land on the line with your legs sideways first before trying inline landing.
  • Kneeling- this is a very basic slackline trick that will not take much time to try. As the name suggests, it involves dropping one of your knees on the line.
  • Line Snap- this is similar to vertical jump with the difference being that you have spread your legs to the sideways. Land with your feet sideways and advanced to landing inline later.
  • Bounce walk- this basic slackline trick can be really exciting, funny even. To do the trick, make slight jumps with both feet on the line, and this will bring a bouncing effect. As you get used, try the trick on one foot.
  • Seated mount- duped ‘sit start,' this is a cool method of mounting the line but can be a little bit tricky. First, sit on with both your feet on the line and close to your body. Then you have to lean forward and stand on the line without using your hands for support or balance.
  • Drop Knee- Not as simple as it might appear as it forms the foundation for intermediate or advanced slackline tricks. Combined with other tricks, it can turn out to be a really outstanding experience. For example, you can try drop knee walk or pace walk.
  • Sitting down- this is another simple pose you can try. Start by squatting, move one leg forward and continue crouching until you find yourself sitting on the webbing.
  • Tree- formerly duped yoga pose, tree beginner slackline trick is among the easiest as it’s static. You can try it after learning how to balance and just before you master how to walk on a slackline. Keep your body still and avoid shaking.

Beginner Slackline Tricks Resources

We understand better through seeing. Fortunately, Slackline Industries has some good videos on all the tricks. Slackline Tricks Encyclopedia by HiveFly also has some great videos on every slackline trick.


There is no limit to the slackline tricks you can try. With the wide variety already invented, you’re assured of a great time outdoor exploring every technique.

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